Pet Clothing


Step out in style and let your pup take center stage on the sidewalk. Our dog apparel collection features sweaters, coats and T-shirts in a variety of motifs and colors. Whether you want to dress your dog up for summer fun on the beach or keep your pet warm and cozy on a cold winter day, you can find styles to suit many occasions. Personalize each piece with your dog’s name or initials for a custom look.

Before you start shopping for pet items, grab a measuring tape and measure your pet. Size as just important when choosing dog clothes as it is for choosing human clothes. Mark and Graham provides sizing guidelines for each dog apparel item, and you can start with using your pet’s weight as a rough estimate. This can come in handy, as bulkier breeds such as bulldogs usually require larger sizes than slim breeds such as Chihuahuas. However, measuring your dog’s body length and width is a more accurate way to find the right size. Measure along the back from the neck to the base of the tail. Next, measure the girth at both the chest and the stomach area.

Dog coats are not only stylish accessories, but also practical pieces. Some shorthair breeds can be sensitive to winter chills, so adding extra layers helps them enjoy fresh air without the chill. If you live in a cold climate and have a Chihuahua, terrier, dachshund or greyhound, a knit sweater or insulated coat can be an important pet accessory. Older pets and puppies can also benefit from the extra warmth. Dogs thrive when they go outside in rain or shine, but water-resistant fabrics can help shelter them from drizzles or downpours. If you live in a rainy climate like the Pacific Northwest, your pet may appreciate a raincoat or a slicker. For a serious style boost, coordinate your umbrella with your pet’s attire. Choose an umbrella in the same color or mix and match different prints and shades for a playful look.

Some pet apparel is designed to make a statement. Choose a T-shirt or light coat to flatter your dog’s natural coat with brilliant colors or to experiment with different motifs or prints. Mix and match different collar and leash shades to put together a fashion-forward outfit. You can also show off your pet’s style sense at home. Blend pet beds and other accessories with T-shirt colors and dress to impress when company comes over.

Coat colors and motifs can also enhance your own clothing and accessories. Play with matching and contrasting colors to play up your handbags, scarves or sunglasses. For example, a striped pet shirt can help your bright red tote bag pop. You can also match themes. For example, you can choose a nautical theme for both your keychain and your dog’s outfit.

Our items include plenty of personalization options. Fabric is an ideal material for embroidery, which is as enduring as it is eye-catching. Choose to add your furry friend’s full name or nickname to coats and sweaters, or add an initial for subtler style. Personalized items also make fantastic gifts. Choose a monogrammed T-shirt for the new pet owner in your life, or opt for an embroidered coat as a Christmas gift for your favorite dog lover. Mix and match items such as luggage, carriers and handkerchiefs for a larger gift.

Just like human clothes, pet clothes require regular washing. To preserve the color and fit of your dog’s apparel, hand wash items in cold water. Use gentle detergents and avoid using chlorine bleach or fabric softeners. If you need to remove stains, opt for an oxygen bleach product or a stain remover designed for the fabric in question. Hang woven fabrics in a relatively warm and dry place. Lay knit fabrics flat to dry them, as this helps them keep their shape.