Beds + Bowls

Personalized Dog Beds and Bowls Delivering Plush Style

Give your dog a soft and cozy place to snooze and relax throughout the day by shopping the fashionable selection of personalized dog beds available at Mark and Graham. Durable, top-quality fabrics, plush filling and intricate embroidery are just three of the design features seen throughout the pieces in this collection.

Tips For Selecting Your Dog Beds

With so many dog bowls available, narrowing down the search requires looking at three key factors:

  • Style: There are two primary styles of dog beds available. There's your standard box design and then there's one with a raised perimeter where they can lay their head.
  • Pattern: Each one of these dog beds feature durable upholstery with a classic pattern. Consider where in the house you'll place the dog bed and select a fabric option that will elevate the design of the space.
  • Size: The size of your dog will help determine which size dog bed makes the best choice for you. You don't want the bed to be too large or the dog won't feel secure and cozy. If the bed is too small, on the other hand, they won't have room to lay out.

Treat Them to Quality Dog Bowls

Every dog requires a water bowl and a food bowl. As you browse all the options, consider:

  • Material: One of the first things to consider in selecting a dog bowl is how it's crafted. Ceramic dog bowls look like an extension of your dishes and act as a blank canvas for an array of different finishes. When you're looking for something a little more durable, metal bowls make a fantastic alternative.
  • Separate vs. Together: Some dog bowls are individual in design while others are housed together in a pair. A wood surround with nestled metal bowls helps to give your space a tidy look because the food bowl and water bowl are always paired in one unit.
  • Color and Finish: Finally, look at the finish of the dog bowl and choose one that will either stand out or perfectly coordinate with the design of the room where it will be featured.

Adding Personalization to Your Pet Items

Once you've picked out the dog bed and dog bowl that's perfect for your pooch, take a minute to complete the free Mark and Graham personalization process. This allows you to add a single initial or a complete name to your new pet items. Don't forget to shop for leashes, collars, and maybe even a tote bag to carry all their favorite toys and treats.