Doormats + Flags

Personalized Doormats Offering Welcoming Style

Greet everyone that walks up to your front door in a personal way by outfitting your entryway with one of the personalized doormats available at Mark and Graham. With the right doormat in place, you can give a stylish first impression to your space while helping to keep dirt and debris from entering your home. The pieces in this collection boast a wide array of fashionable designs from which to choose, making it easy to decorate in a way that reflects your personality.

Choosing Your Personalized Doormat

Every home needs a doormat in front of every empty to provide a dedicated place to wipe feet before entering the house. Crafted of durable coconut husk bristles, these mats both trap dirt and absorb moisture with ease. Best of all, each one is entirely biodegradable, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. As you browse for your favorites, keep a few of the design features in mind, including:

Initial Design: It all starts by looking at all the design options and finding one that reflects the look and feel of your home and the rest of your home furnishings. Keep the look clean and elegant with a traditional damask or opt for something more whimsical and contemporary. With both minimal and elaborate options, it's all about finding the one that catches your eye.

Personalization Style: These welcome mats can boast a single initial, a full last name, both first initials, your address or a custom phrase. When you've narrowed it down to a few designs that reflect your style as well as the style of your home, look at the type of personalization featured in the design.

Consider a Decorative Flag

Doormats aren't the only way to personalize the front of your home. Enhance your curb appeal by showing off your initial or name by displaying a personalized flag out front. Keep the look patriotic or show off your love of all things nautical. These flags are easy to fold up and store between seasons.

If you still can't narrow down the options to your favorite doormat, consider selecting a couple. Use one at the front door and another outside the sliding glass door. These stylish outdoor decor items don't just make a great addition to your home or apartment, they're also a fun gift idea for anyone on your list. Choose one with a street address as a fun housewarming present or select one with an initial or monogram for the newlyweds.