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Mark and Graham’s personalized baby items are great gifts for baby showers. They’re cuddly and practical, perfect for rocking newborns asleep. That makes them precious for parents, who love to see their baby’s smile over and over again. And if you’re a parent with a small bundle of joy – or several – there’s nothing you want more than to remember these precious moments with your kids. Each baby accessory becomes a treasured keepsake that moms and dads look at with tons of affection, no matter what age their kids are. Here are a few gift ideas to inspire you even more.

One thing parents always want to remember is their baby’s birth certificate. It’s a reminder of the moment that changed their lives forever, bringing them so much happiness and purpose. A birth certificate holder lets mom and dad keep those mementos in pristine condition, so they last a long time. Many holders also have a spot for baby’s hospital ID tag, as well as size and weight information.

Cradle newborns in fuzzy comfort with a plush blanket. Their skin is so soft that gentle fleece is a natural choice. It actually helps babies fall asleep more easily since they feel safe and warm. This is a thoughtful gift for newborns especially since they spend a lot of time wrapped up snugly. Parents appreciate having something that protects their little one from cool air. Plus, it’s hard for them to resist the charm of a sleeping infant swaddled in a colorful blanket. Some blankets are machine-washable to save time, and others can be ironed for an extra-toasty touch.

Need some personalization ideas for a newborn? There are a lot of possibilities when customizing a blanket or other gift. Using the baby’s name is always popular. How many characters can you include? Well, all baby products vary a bit, but many blankets and first look presents allow up to 18 letters per line. A blanket with two lines easily holds the newborn’s first name, middle initial and last name in most cases. Use a second line for the birth date or another idea you know mom and dad will love. Longer names – something like Michelangelo Harrington – fit comfortably onto two lines.

Another baby essential that was born to be personalized is a cotton onesie. Onesies are popular with parents because they’re easy to slip on and make changing diapers a snap. They protect newborns without causing irritation, since their arms and legs are free to move around. Why cotton? It’s a wonder material for all things related to baby clothes. Cotton breathes, which keeps babies cool when it’s warm outside. And that’s important even when the temperature drops. Since cotton wicks moisture away from the infant’s skin, they stay dry and toasty.

Practical aspects aside, a cotton onesie is irresistibly adorable. Little ones look so sweet and beautiful in all white and a playful smile. Add a heart or other design in bright colors and they’re dressed for, well, cuteness. How many colors can you pick from? The list is huge! It’s not hard to create something with family colors or baby’s favorite hue. Sure, there are traditional pink and blue tones – with a chic twist – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Red berry, turquoise, purple, Kelly green and silver smoke are just a few of the other possibilities.

Welcome a new heir into the family with an elegant monogram. Over 10 different styles of monograms cater to the newborn’s family traditions. Some font styles are designed for sophistication, with flowing and intricate strokes. They’re fitting for a future prince or princess of your personal dynasty. Other typefaces have a modern feel, like our typewriter style with brackets. It says that baby’s got a bright future in technology ahead of them. For something especially playful, choose a nautical theme with a ship’s anchor and the newborn’s first and last initial.