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Personalized Baby Blankets Surrounding Them in Comfort

New babies deserve the ultimate in plush comfort and Mark and Graham offers an incredible selection of personalized baby blankets to choose from. Treat them to a blanket every bit as soft as their little hands and feet when you make one of these blankets part of cuddle time.

Choosing the Best Baby Blankets

With such a vast array of baby blankets available, it's easy to select the perfect blanket for every kiddo. As you shop the collection, check out the:

  • Material: Check out the material options available. While they are all soft, some are lighter in weight and others provide luxurious warmth. Sherpa lining can make a large baby blanket ideal for laying out for tummy time or covering a little one in the winter. Lightweight blankets are the right thickness for swaddling.
  • Size: When you're looking to lay out a blanket for a child to play on, picking the one that is largest in size is a great bet. When you're looking for a little blanket that can keep them cozy in a stroller, a smaller blanket is appropriate. Small blankets are also easy to take along in a diaper bag.
  • Color: Keep things traditional by choosing a soft pink or blue tone for the little one or shake things up a bit by opting for a more contemporary color choice. Taupe, ivory, white and gray are all neutral colors that will transition from one room design to the next. Many of the blankets in this collection even offer a two-toned look with a dual-sided design or bold stripes while others showcase contrasting borders.

Personalizing the Blanket You Chose

Now that you've picked out the best blanket for the newest addition, it's time to utilize the free personalization process. Mark and Graham guides you through every step of the way, from adding a simple name to including all the birth statistics. As you personalize, you even get to choose the font and the embroidery color, making it easy to find the ideal color combination to coordinate with the nursery.

Personalized Baby Clothes

Blankets aren't the only way to treat a newborn to a personalized layer of comfort. While you browse the blankets, take a moment to check out the available baby clothing. Adorable hats help to keep those bald little heads nice and toasty. Do the same for their toes by slipping them into adorable baby booties. They can wear the items now and then tuck them away in a baby box to reflect back on when they're grown. Mix-and-match the clothing items and blankets together to create a more cohesive gift to present to the new parent.