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Gifts For Coworker Events and Milestones

There are always plenty of reasons to celebrate your coworkers and colleagues, so be ready with a list of go-to gifts for coworker events and occasions. Many people get close to the people with whom they work or, even if you keep your relationships strictly professional, it's easy to see things you can admire about those with whom you spend so much time in collaboration. Maybe you know someone who did you a work favor, helped facilitate a deal or is heading up a new business unit. When these types of movements happen within your team, one of the best ways you can show you care is with gifts for coworker appreciation.

Finding the Best Gifts by Personality

When looking for gifts for coworker occasions, simple mementos that highlight your generosity and thoughtfulness are perfect. You can remain modest with gifts under $30 and still make an impression on a colleague, especially when you show that you understand their personality and what they contribute.

  • For the one who's always got a steady ledger of details when you're in a rush, look for a refillable journal with shadow print initials. Your most organized work friend will get tons of use out of this one.
  • If anyone on your team handles design or is known for their sartorial style, even on casual Fridays, look for a gorgeous patterned paperweight. This artistic element can be monogrammed for free and allows your coworker to always have something inspiring right in front of them.
  • When you know who to ask to prepare for a meeting, get that person their own high-end legal file folder. With embossed names in a tab and bold colors, this is a gift that you can rest assured they'll be proud to have at the table.

Everyday Gifts For Coworker Appreciation

Some gifts are perfect for just about anyone. These gifts for coworker promotions, transfers or other opportunities are finely-made and always appreciated.

  • Discover the refined style of a variety of different sizes and silhouettes of tech cases. Since devices are such a vital part of work culture, giving your colleagues the best cases is a great way to stand out amongst a team.
  • Look for business card holders that you can have monogrammed for a coworker who is taking over a new role with a lot of outward-facing responsibility or travel.
  • Desk trays and desk accessories are a chic way to organize the everyday essentials people keep at their desks. Look for shallow bowls that feature a bold initial to make a statement.

With care and generosity, you can bestow some of the best gifts for coworker occasions they've ever received.